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How to Stay on Track During the Holidays

*Featured on SWEAT*

I know this post is coming a bit early and it’s only October, but all the more reason for you guys to be prepared once the holidays come around! And even though it’s not quite Thanksgiving or Christmas YET, fall means lots of tailgating for football games, Halloween parties, etc, which can lead to a lot of temptations! Here are some tips that I’ve learned over the years to help stay on track!

  • Find a healthy balance – the golden rule! I like to follow the 80/20 rule – eating healthy 80% of the time but also allowing some room for treats (20%) on the weekends! When it comes to tailgates and events, I try to limit my alcoholic beverages. Not only is alcohol empty calories but it also tempts you into eating more. I find that if I try to stick with a 3 drink limit then I don’t end up eating my whole kitchen when I get home!

  • Try to get your workout in early – that way if something comes up after work or in life, you won’t have to feel guilty about skipping your sweat session. If you aren’t a morning person, you can even try to squeeze in a workout on your lunch break – I’ve done this many of times. After all, a short workout is better than no workout at all!

  • Drink a lot of water – If you have plans to go out with friends on a Saturday night, don’t neglect getting in a lot of water so you don’t feel so sluggish the next day! If you’re out drinking, try to have one drink and a water in between the next!

  • Get lots of sleep – Whenever I think of the holidays, I immediately think about cold and flu season, the worst! The one thing I have learned is that as long as I get in my 8 hours, I can usually keep from getting sick!

  • Bring healthier snacks or treats to parties or tailgates – Whether it be a veggie tray or fruit with a yogurt dip, there’s always a healthier option! Next time you tailgate, try vegetables with guacamole and fruit skewers with a yogurt and nut butter dip! Simple but delicious. Or if you want to get fancy, check out my blog page for some of my favorite clean recipes, like these guilt-free chocolate chip cookies.

  • Find an accountability partner or join a challenge – this is one of my favorite ways to stay on track! For me, morning workouts can be tough but I know that if I have a sweat date planned with a friend, I can’t bail or hit snooze on my alarm! There are also so many different challenges that you can hop on to keep you on track like a 7 day no sugar challenge or even water challenges to make sure you’re staying hydrated! You can even start a challenge yourself with a group of your friends!

  • Plan ahead – I truly feel that the key to succeeding in your fitness journey is to plan ahead! This is great especially if you’re traveling! If you are going on vacation for a week and don’t have access to your normal gym or studio, think about how you plan to get your workout in. There are many at home workout guides you can choose from! Or if you are lucky enough to be visiting a big city, try out a new workout for fun!

As important as it is to stay on track during the holidays, don’t forget the golden rule and be sure to find a healthy balance that works for your schedule! You can even just start small with a couple of these tips and slowing increase over time! Maybe you just want to start by getting to the gym 5-6 days a week! Find what works for you and most importantly, find what makes you happy! Life is meant to be enjoyed!!




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