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CorePower Yoga Q&A

I’ve never been very into yoga, however, I started going to CorePower Yoga regularly a few months back and I’m hooked. I get a lot of questions about classes, the studio, etc, especially from my friends in Charlotte because it’s so new, so I decided to just share my answers with everyone!

What classes do they offer?

CorePower Yoga 1: Vinyasa style yoga class that features the fundamentals of this type of practice. Great for beginners!

CorePower Yoga 2: this is also a vinyasa style class but is a bit more advanced than CPY 1. It’s also heated whereas CPY1 is not. Great for intermediate to advanced yogis.

Yoga Sculpt: Think yoga with weights. You will flow will small weights but there is also a piece of strength-training built within the class featuring moves like squats, lunges, pushups and bicep curls. Great for women who want to get toned and challenged.

Hot Power Fusion: In this class you’ll hold postures longer than you would in any other CPY class. It focuses on opening up your body and balance. Great for when you’re sore or need a little detox!

**this is the list of classes offered in the Charlotte location. Subject to change or be different at your location!

What’s your favorite class?

I personally love Hot Power Fusion mostly because I’m so sore from my other workouts throughout the week. HPF incorporates balance, strength and flexibility - a lot of the postures focus on opening up your shoulders, hips and spine which is great if you’re like me and find yourself sore in those areas! I also love how hot it is. I always leave class feeling completely refreshed and detoxified. My boyfriend also is a huge fan of this class (hopefully he doesn’t see this).

What is yoga sculpt like?

Think yoga with weights. However, you’re not going to want to grab 10 lb weights I can tell you that! There’s a lot of pulsing much like a Pilates or Barre class mixed in with vinyasa flows using 2-3lb weights. There are strength based moved like squats, push ups, lunges, crunches, etc. And there is even a cardio segment during class which features exercises like squat jumps, jumping jacks, butt kicks, etc. Oh, and it’s hot. I think it’s great if you are looking to get toned or want to build lean muscle. Check out this link if you want a sneak peek of a sculpt class!

(Photo of Yoga Sculpt class)

Is it hot?

Most classes are heated and some classes even add humidity. Here’s a little breakdown of that:

CorePower Yoga 1: not heated, no added humidity

Yoga Sculpt: 90-93 degrees, no added humidity

CorePower Yoga 2: 95-98 degrees, no added humidity

Hot Power Fusion: 98-100 degrees, added humidity

How much does it cost?

Your first week is free so I would definitely try that first if you haven’t already. If you love it there are different packages you can purchase. With black tag, your first month is $89!

Is the black tag membership worth it?

Absolutely! I have a black tag membership and I love it. There are so many different types of classes so you are definitely going to get a lot out of having the black tag membership. There’s a class out there for whatever you feel like doing that day. If you are feeling sore – try Hot Power Fusion. If you want a really good sweat and tone – try a yoga sculpt class. If you just want to flow through different yoga variations – try CPY 1 or CPY 2. With the black tag membership you get discounts on retail and access to fun yoga workshops and events!

Can I shower there?

Yes! They have beautiful locker rooms with showers for both men and women. Actually, I can't attest to the men's locker room but I do know the women's locker room is great lol. They even have locks for you to borrow because who actually remembers to bring a lock.

What do I bring?

Yoga mat, towel, and water. If you have a yoga towel, I definitely suggest bringing one so you don't slide around on your mat! However, if you forget any of those things, they do have them in studio for purchase.

Overall, I love CorePower Yoga. The teachers are all super friendly and knowledgeable and there's a great variety of classes depending on your needs or wants that day. They also are involved in a lot of community events so be on the lookout for one near you!




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