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Activewear of the Month: Cotton on Body

Since I pretty much live in activewear, I've decided to start a fun little monthly segment showcasing my favorite brands! Before I get into my activewear of the month, I'll give you guys a little run down of what I look for when picking out my workout clothing:

  1. Leggings that keep their shape and stay up during my workouts. There's nothing worse than being that person who is constantly tugging up their leggings so their crack or underwear isn't hanging out (been there, done that lol)

  2. Subtle detailing. I pretty much always wear black or monotone colors when I'm working out (I can't help it) so I'm a huge fan of little details that can make my workout clothing cute!

  3. Breathable fabrics. I always go for clothing that dries quickly so I don't feel constricted by sweat!

  4. Sports bras with light but removable padding. I have a small chest so I'll take any extra padding I can get - as long as it's not a push up bra or anything crazy like that.

Now it's time to talk about this month's brand: Cotton On Body. This is my first time trying out their clothing and I'm obsessed! Not only does it mark all four of the boxes above but even better: it's AFFORDABLE! (and we all know how crazy stupid expensive workout clothing can get). The sports bra I'm wearing (workout yoga crop - moons) is $19.95, the tank (mesh t back tank - white) is $19.95, and the leggings (laser cut 7/8 - black) are only $29.95!! I was a little nervous that the quality wouldn't be great because of the low price point but I was pleasantly surprised!

Like I mentioned previously, when I look for a sports bra, I like to go with one that has light padding that can be removed if I want. Another thing I like about this sports bra in particular is that it is versatile and you can even wear it as a cross back, thanks to the nifty hook in the back. Lastly, I'm really digging all of the little stars and moons printed all over it. :)

As far as these leggings go, I'm obsessed! I've worn them everyday and have received tons of compliments! I'm all about the 7/8 length, especially when I can't decide if I want to wear crops of full leggings - so this is my happy medium! The material is great and not only do they keep their shape but they hug me in all the right places. I also love a good high waist - super flattering on just about any body type. And can we talk about the detailing? LOVE!

Last but not least the mesh tank! This tank ended up being a little long on me but when in doubt - do a little side knot! Best part about this tank is that it's mesh so it's extremely breathable! And since it's see-through, it looks great with a cute sports bra underneath.

Now, this may or may not be what you are looking for in your activewear so it's always important to remember to do you! But if you're looking for stylish, quality activewear and you're on a budget, this would be a great brand for you!




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