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Top Spots in Charlotte

Since I’m asked for recommendations often, I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite spots in Charlotte, North Carolina. From juice to workouts, I’ve got you all covered! I’ve even provided you all with my go to orders at each foodie spot which are Paleo friendly!

Juice/Açai: Clean Juice. I’ve tried a number of açai bowls in my life and Clean Juice’s takes the win. The consistency and the thickness of their açai bowl is uncomparable to any other spot in CLT. I also love how much acai they put in the bowl compared to some other places.

- My go to: the berry bowl sub coconut flakes for granola

Breakfast/Brunch: Famous Toastery. I absolutely love Toast and go almost every weekend! If you’re planning on going for brunch on the weekend, make sure to get there early or be prepared to wait.

- My go to: The runner omelet, no cheese add avocado with a side of roasted potatoes and fruit

Dinner/Restaurant: I honestly couldn’t narrow it down to one favorite so I decided to narrow it down by cuisine (way more fun)!

  • BBQ: Mac’s Speed Shop

  • My go to: Switchback salad, no feta, add avocado and pulled pork, dressing on side

  • Asian: Zen or Persuasian

  • My go to: Chicken steamers (just steamed veggies and chicken with a side of rice if you want)

  • American: Burton’s – they have a Paleo section on the menu!

  • My go to: Pan Seared Salmon

  • Italian: Mama Ricotta’s

  • My go to: Grilled Salmon & Arugula salad with a side of broccolini

  • Mexican: Paco’s Tacos

  • My go to: Chopped Salad (sans corn & cheese) add chicken and honey cilantro lime dressing on the side

  • Southern: Rooster’s

  • My go to: Salmon with a side of fingerling potatoes and asparagus

Coffee: Hex. Best part about Hex is that they use my favorite almond milk (Califia Farms). Other than that, I just really love their coffee and the space is super cute. It’s also located right next to my favorite workout spot, so I can’t not make a quick stop after my Saturday sweat sessions. They have a draft vanilla latte on tap but I typically just go with an iced almond milk latte or black iced coffee with almond milk.

Workout: Madabolic. I’ve been going to Madabolic 4-5x a week for the past year (I can’t stay away). It is probably the most well-rounded workout program that I have found within a “group fitness studio”, and I try out a lot of them. There’s an aspect of cardio, weight training, agility, and athleticism involved and my favorite part is that no two days are alike. Definitely check it out and take advantage of the 10 days for $10 if you haven’t yet!

So there they are - my top spots in the QC! Chances are you can find me at one of, if not many of these spots throughout the week. If you end up checking any out, let me know! Hope y'all enjoy!




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